Four points of garden grape cultivation

1. The planting site is like a light beam. It should be planted in a well-lit place in the courtyard. It is best to plant it on the north edge of the courtyard or on the left and right corners, followed by the inside of the east-west wall. Do not plant under large trees. 2, choose a good shelf type can be based on the size of the surrounding garden, planting position, take a different rack type: 1 in the doorway above the door shed, the shed should be high, can not affect people walking; 2 in the sty or sheds above the frame The shed can not only use space, save land, but also shade pigs and chickens in the summer; 3 use roof racks, there must be a certain distance between the roof and the roof to facilitate ventilation; 4 planting around the garden The fence can be used as a fence wall. 3, the use of strong seedlings in order to make the grape morning frame, early results, to choose 2-4 years old and healthy young trees planted. 4, carefully planted in early spring gas warmer before the grape sprout. The planting pit requires 1 meter square and a depth of about 0.8 meters. The topsoil and manure, chicken manure and other organic fertilizers are mixed and mixed into the pit. Then the grape seedlings are lightly placed in the pit center, and then the soil is buried and then watered. Water infiltrate and then cover soil. In order to ensure that the roots of the shoots and the roots of the underground reach the balance of growth, the vines must be cut and weighted, leaving 1-3 main vines, and the short cuts of no more than 10 buds should be retained according to their coarseness, fineness, strength, and weakness. (Wang Cheng)

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