Edible fungus supplements

In the cultivation of edible fungi, a reasonable supplement of various nutrients is an effective measure to increase the yield of edible fungi. However, improper supplementation can also be counterproductive. Therefore, when adding nutrients to edible mushrooms, you should pay attention to the following tips:

Pay attention to supplementary methods. Methods for supplementing edible mushrooms include spraying, infusing and soaking. The most commonly used method is to formulate a certain concentration of nutrient solution, and combine supplementary moisture to spray on the bacteria bed and the bacteria. When spraying in young buds, it is necessary to pay attention to spraying the nutrient solution on the no mushroom or small mushroom buds, and spray the fruit body after spraying. Spraying nutrient solution is best done at low tide. The bacteria and eucalyptus can also be supplemented by soaking, that is, they can be removed after being absorbed in the prepared nutrient solution, generally after the harvest of each mushroom. It can also be supplemented with perfusion on the bed of bacteria. The fungus bed will be covered with soil and the funnel will be inserted into the culture material and poured into the nutrient solution before covering. The distance from the filling point is generally about 10 cm, and about 5 mL per hole.

Note alternately supplement different nutrient solutions. For example, glucose is a carbon nutrient, urea is a nitrogen nutrient, potassium dihydrogen phosphate is a phosphorus and potassium nutrient, and other trace elements and organic nutrients. If one of these nutrition is applied for a long period of time, it is difficult to receive the desired effect. Therefore, a variety of nutrients must be added alternately or mixed to meet the requirements of edible fungi for different nutrients. In mushroom bed, nutrient solution with nutrient addition should generally be applied first, and then high-efficiency nutrient solution should be applied, which is beneficial to fruit body growth. If hormones are used to stimulate the growth of edible mushrooms, hormones must be used after supplemental nutrition.

The amount of nutrient solution should be appropriate. If one-time replenishment is excessive, the culture material will be too wet, which will adversely affect the growth of the mycelium. Therefore, when the replenishment is performed, the humidity of the cultivating material should be appropriately applied. If the humidity of the culture medium is high, the concentration of the nutrient solution should be appropriately increased. Reduce the amount of water added. After application, increase ventilation to disperse moisture.

Apply organic fertilizers correctly. Raw materials for compost juice must not contain bacteria and eggs. The compost and excreta used are decomposed by fermentation or cooked and sterilized. Application of soy milk juice, potato and other plant leaching liquids should be used immediately. It should not be stored for a long time to prevent rancid spoilage.

Pay attention to the influence of the environment. Generally, when the temperature is higher than 20°C, the hyphae of the mushrooms are difficult to form into fruit bodies, and rehydration should be stopped. Glucose solution, soymilk juice, human waste, urine, etc. should not be used when the temperature is above 18°C. If bacteria bed (block) has been infected with bacteria, must be cured before rehydration.

Microcirculation Microscope:

The micro circulation is one of life basic characteristics, and is that the organism unceasingly carries on the matter, the energy and information transmission with the environment. The unicellular organism directly carries on transmission through the cell membrane, the extremity animal is carries on the transmission through the organization gap in blood lymph, but because of evolving to the mammal stage (for example human being), only has the lung ,the stomach and intestines separately carry on material, the energy, the information transmission through the trachea and the esophagus with the external environment, other organized the organ`s position, the function, the metabolism already to finalize, constitutes the organization and the cell of the organ, cannot be direct with the external environment communication, only through tissue fluid, the blood, and the lymph carry on material, the energy, the information transmission.

The Nailfold Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope is an advance medical photoelectric apparatus,equipped with built in special LED light source,used mainly in observation on human nail fold capillary microcirculation or term as video Nailfold capillaroscopy,Such as capillary blood flow, abnormal microcirculation of the vascular structure, cell adhesion, through its powerful 380X(or 240X)optical magnification. Undistorted, real time dynamic video streaming via Sony CCD imaging device onto the LCD monitor screen.

Simply insert the finger to the holder below the optical lens apparatus, fine-tune to fix the focal length and uncover the desired images within seconds.Blood capilliary microcirculation microscope is a non-invasive diagnostic tools, which is gaining large credit among physicians of different specialities in for study of skin blood capilliary network.

8 Inch Micirculation Microscope

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