Breeding breeding method of Lamei

Lamei is a deciduous shrub with leaves on the surface, rough leaves, and flowers on a new branch (ie, annual branch) born from the former annual branch. The flowering period is from December to February, and the fruiting period is from August to September in the following year. Its adaptability, drought, cold, hi light, hi fat, intolerant bituminous coal. Resist pruning. Fear of the wind, fear of embarrassment, fear of alkali, fear of clay. Lamei is divided into two kinds: Su Xin La Mei and Lai Xin La Mei. The methods of grafting and breeding are as follows:

1, sowing breeding. From August to August, the altar receptacles were harvested, and the seeds were removed. After harvesting, they germinated in about 10 days.

2, ramets breeding: This method is mainly used when propagating Su heart bloom. Because of its root-side plexus, it can be divided, when planting, should choose the land of Xiangyang Gaozao, should not be buried deep into the soil. Shortening the branches and applying some thin fertilizer will make them easier to grow.

3, to cultivate and cultivate: the ground planted plum, if it is natural, the branches are cluttered, the tree is less than the United States, it is generally used alone cultivation, planting a year after the election to leave a strong branch, soil fertilization, the rest of the branches cut off , up to 1-2 meters during the year.

4, the old root grafting: cut connection method is slightly better than by the connection method, cut a month before, go to the top tip, so that nutrition is concentrated in the middle of the branch, cutting ear should not be deep, with a small exposed xylem suitable, rootstock off the ground 3 - Cut off at 6 cm. Cut rootstock should not be deep. Finally, at the grafting place, the crushed soil is smashed into a bread-like shape until the scion is covered. The soil is semi-dry and semi-arid. After one month, it will go to rammed soil to help buds grow, and at the same time cut the sprouts on the rootstock, such as the weather. Poor, we must still put the bandits on.

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