Use of bacteria to carry out farming

The waste left after cultivation of edible fungi by using the strains of bacteria is called bacillary dysentery. During the production process of edible fungi, due to the decomposition of mycelium, the content of crude fiber and lignin in the culture material is greatly reduced, while the contents of crude protein and crude fat are greatly increased. Therefore, after the cultivation of edible fungi, the mushroom contains a lot of nutrients, and if it is fermented, it can become a good fish feed.
The process of fermentation of bacillary dysentery is: selection of mildew-free, insect-free, white bacilli to break, mix with appropriate amount of salt, superphosphate, urea and water, and add appropriate amounts of jinba edible mushroom cultivation auxiliaries, fully Mix well, its moisture content should be controlled at about 60%. Cover it with a plastic film and seal it for fermentation. If you cast thin human and animal dung on the fungus, the effect will be better. Generally, it is fermented for 4 days to 1 week (when the temperature is high, the number of fermentation days is less, when the temperature is low, the number of fermentation days is more), and it can be used to feed fish.
According to the experience of some fish farming households, the fermented bacteria are used to feed fish. The fish loves to eat, and after eating, it grows rapidly and has fewer diseases, which reduces the cost of fish farming and improves economic efficiency. Details can visit the website or consult.

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