Technical Analysis of Newly-created Pesticide "Tice Copper Bronze" Selling Point

Technical Analysis of Newly-created Pesticide "Tice Copper Bronze" Selling Point

1, "Thiocateria copper" market positioning: experts in the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases; special effects of bacterial diseases prevention and control agents.

2, "Thiocateria copper" product positioning: high-grade quality, mid-range price, popular products; bacterial disease prevention products.

3, "Thiocateria copper" technology advantages:

3.1 National invention patent products (State Intellectual Property Office);

3.2 National key new products (National Development and Reform Commission);

3.3 National Spark Program Project (National Ministry of Science and Technology);

3.4 The state promotes new products (National Ministry of Agriculture);

3.5 Zhejiang Province High-tech Products (Zhejiang Science and Technology Department);

3.6 Technical Invention Award First Prize (China Petroleum & Chemical Association);

3.7 National key new product plan project (National Ministry of Science and Technology);

3.8 "Eleventh Five-Year" Science and Technology Support Project Plan (National Ministry of Science and Technology);

3.9 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award Second Prize (People's Government of Zhejiang Province);

4, "Thiocateria copper" product advantages ("four major comparative advantages"):

4.1 "Toxicillin copper" does not produce phytotoxicity, which can be used during flowering and young fruit;

4.2 "Toxicillin copper" has good affinity and can be mixed with most pesticides;

4.3 "Toxicillin copper" does not cause the proliferation of ticks and rust ticks;

4.4 "Thiococcus copper" has good internal absorption and good treatment and protection.

5, "Thiocateria copper" market advantages:

5.1 The advantages of "Thiococcus bronchiformis" and "Ye Qingshuang" are: There is no drug resistance; multiple sterilization mechanisms have more obvious effects.

5.2 Advantages of "Toxicillin copper" compared with "streptomycin for agriculture": No drug resistance; More effective against bacterial diseases; Limiting use of agricultural streptomycin or even prohibition of use; The abuse of antibiotics leads to potential threats.

5.3 Advantages of "Thiococcus copper" compared to "inorganic copper": Sterilization is safer and more thorough; it is easier to mix; Copper has less cumulative residue; Minimal influence on the proliferation of spider mites and rust mites; Better conductivity

5.4 Advantages of "Thiococcus copper" compared to "other organic copper": Double sterilization mechanism is more superior; internal suction conductivity is good; patent and administrative protection, product life cycle is longer.

5.5 Advantages of “Tb-TB” versus “other fungicides”: More effective against bacteria; lower cost; easy to use; easy to mix.

6, "Thiocateria copper" marketing advantages:

6.1 "Toxicillin copper" is an exclusive production and the original drug and preparation have obtained national patents and administrative protection. The life cycle of the product is as long as 20 years;

6.2 The brand operation of "Thiococcus copper", using technology marketing, utilizing the advantages of plant protection, was welcomed by plant protection departments and technical departments;

6.3 The unique market positioning of "Ticciobacillus copper", unique product positioning, clear market segmentation, determined to become the "bacticide" of the fist products and farmers' headed products;

6.4 "Terbium Bronze" exclusive distribution area, to ensure the long-term profit of customers, is "good long-term" products, loyal customers, the market is unique, is committed to become a "bacticide" market leader.

7, "Thiocateria copper" quality advantages:

7.1 Organic combination of "thiabendazole copper" thiadiazole and copper ions, sterilization more extensive, more thorough and more long-term;

7.2 "Toxicillin copper" suspension rate of up to 90%, good dispersion performance, fineness of 4-8 microns, more easily adhered and more easily absorbed;

7.3 "Toxicillin copper" can replace a variety of similar products (such as Ye Qingshuang, inorganic copper, agricultural streptomycin, etc.), the use of dragon's fungus is more extensive (such as vegetables, melons, rice, fruit trees, etc.), dragon's fungus There are a variety of application methods (such as soaking, seed dressing, root filling, soil disinfection, foliar spray, rooting, etc.).

8, "Toxicillin copper" has been temporarily registered crops (LS20001368): rice: bacterial leaf streak, bacterial blight; citrus: canker, scab: cabbage: soft rot: watermelon: blight; cucumber: bacteria Leaf spot; Banana: Leaf spot.

9. The “Toxicillin copper” has been successfully demonstrated in trials and demonstrations (see “Compilation of the demonstration reports on field trials of dragon's fungus” (IV)): Sesbania bacterial wilt; Ginger ginger disease; Pepper fusarium wilt; Peanut withered Disease; Tomato bacterial wilt; Bacterial base rot of rice; Konjac soft rot disease; Flower seedling disease; Cotton blight; Bacterial diseases of horticultural vegetation.

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