Talking about "One minute pruning method" for fruit trees

Grafting, transformation, adjustment, and stability are the basic techniques for managing apple trees at all stages. Experts believe that lighting is a prerequisite for the production of high-quality products. Under the shadow of trees, less than 30% of light is grown in the growing season, and more than 80% is not conducive to the high yield and quality of apples.

According to the strong characteristics of the Red Fuji branch, it should be sparsely cut. Once it is cut, it will immediately turn its face, and it will be full of trees. It will not be able to stabilize the tree vigor and reduce its economic income. The "One-minute Trim Act" is now written out: The specific approach is three uniaxial extensions. The basic principle is to make full use of the restraining branches and increase the income with reasonable load. However, it must be extinguished in a timely manner. Strictly control the competition, stabilize the tree potential, and achieve control. The purpose of the crown. 1) The main unilateral extension of the main body saw off the powerful main branch that threatened the central backbone, built a strong and prosperous manner, and strengthened the forces of the central government to balance and stabilize the tree-trend. b) Uniaxial extension of the main branch (lateral branches), removal of large lateral branches (displaced arms) and the ratio of branches opened. Qiao Huashu 2:1, spinning banyan 3:1. C) The uniaxial extension of branches and branches, timely and moderately withered, reasonably annihilated and restrained the branches, allowing the branches to form drooping, robust growth, and prolonged life span. Never fail, the total sentence is reduced, and the backbone has two levels of results. In order to fully utilize the effective space, we need to make full use of the available space. The upper and lower branches must be set up to form a three-dimensional result. Keep in mind that the branches on the back should be small, both sides should be large, naturally formed, and must not be short. If you need to adjust can be used to pull a large empty air oblique, air straight down. The principle is Wang Tula, dense branches, weak branches. Fruit tree management is a complex whole process that is simple to say and difficult to master. Please pragmatically operate according to practical conditions to avoid undue losses.

Using the latest computer graphics and image technology, the patient is placed in a virtual environment, by picking technology, make the person can see on the screen or take the form of virtual figure, according to the change of scene and in the screen prompt to do all kinds of action, to keep the screen scene pattern continues, until finally complete the training goals.

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