Sheep breeding and management of scale

There is less investment in sheep raising, quick results, and a wide range of products, while rural areas have abundant agricultural and sideline products, such as crop straw, peanut meal, and sweet potato soup, which are available for use. As a result, the vast majority of farmers like to raise sheep and have gradually formed scale. the trend of. Herd goats have developed, and there have also been some problems such as many diseases, lack of grass, and management difficulties. In order for the group raising goats to continue to consolidate and develop, the following ten measures should be strengthened:
Excellent due to local conditions to choose large size, fast growth, high reproduction rate, adaptability, good meat quality, high efficiency of the fine varieties. The father’s choice was the first to Boer goats in South Africa, followed by China’s horse-headed goats, and the female parents preferred to Laoshan dairy goats and Wendeng dairy goats, followed by Lubei white goats.
The appropriate size of the sheep is appropriate, and it can be determined according to the number of cultivated land in the household, the amount of forage and forage, the amount of labor, and the amount of funds invested. Generally about 20 breeding ewes are appropriate, and the annual income can reach 10,000 yuan.
Feeding sheep is based on raw materials, supplemented by concentrates. The best way to raise the scale is to “grass and raise sheep”. Grasses can be sown with alfalfa, sweet sorghum with strongman, pine cone herb, Mexican corn, and Rumex, so that fresh grass can be eaten throughout the year.
The water scale of raising sheep must have clean drinking water for sheep to drink.
Prevention group herding goats are susceptible to diseases such as lamb dysentery, streptococcal disease, No. 5 disease, infectious cystitis, nematodes, and sheep lice. To implement the principle of "prevention from over control," all sheep must pass through two baths, two drives, four drinks, and six soups throughout the year. That is, each medicine bath in spring and autumn is once (with 0.5% - 2% of dipterex water plus sulfur bath for 1 - 2 minutes), and in spring and autumn, it is driven with levamisole, insect venom, or nitriclol for 2 times. Insects, drink health care medicine once a season, once every two months salt. At the same time, we should also do a good job of vaccination and integrated prevention and control of key diseases.
The scale of raising sheep should be based on self-cultivation and self-cultivation, and rational grouping. If grazing, the area should be rotationally grazing. And pay attention to brushing, hoof repairs and other management work.
Workers should use grass racks to feed the grass and use fences to separate the grass from the sheep. The gap between the fences is only for the sheep's head to reach out. Feeding and drinking water should have corresponding troughs and sinks, which can reduce feed wastage and be beneficial to health and epidemic prevention. Harvesting, transportation, processing, and forage should be as far as possible mechanized.
In the homes, bamboo mats or concrete floors shall be laid, drains shall be provided outside the house, and appropriate activities shall be provided. Sheep feces should be regularly cleaned and regularly sterilized with 20% lime milk and 10% bleach solution.
The lambs to be used for fattening should be castrated within 7-21 days of birth. Castration at this time is conducive to improving the quality of meat, making it docile, easy to manage, and fast fattening.
While Tim is only properly feeding concentrated feed, it is also necessary to add rumen metabolism regulators, urea slow release agents and other compound feed additives in an appropriate amount, which will provide better benefits.

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