Why are biogas materials pretreated with starter?

Why are biogas materials pretreated with starter?
The methane produced by the anaerobic decomposition of biogas feedstock is completed by the role of various biogas microorganisms. Therefore, adding a sufficient amount of microbial starter as an inoculant in the biogas fermentation has a direct impact on the speed and amount of gas production. Jinbao-type starter has such a unique function. As a biogas fermentation inoculum, it is superior to other inoculants to increase the gas production rate and gas production rate of raw materials.
The first is that microbial fermenters contain high levels of bacteria and act quickly. The microbial microbial fermentation agent contains more than 300 strains and contains more than 200 million bacteria per liter of anaerobic bacteria, of which anaerobes account for 50%. When conditions are right, they reproduce at an alarming rate. Every minute can breed tens of generations or even hundreds of generations. This accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, and the rate of gas production is greatly increased. After the material is used as an inoculum, the gas can be initially produced in three to five days, and gas can be produced in large quantities after seven days, ten to three times earlier than other inocula. Ten days of gas production. In the process of fermentation of biogas raw materials, the use of the first type of fermentation agent for inoculum can reduce the amount of biogas volatilization during the fermentation process outside the fermentation tank, and increase the unit gas production rate of biogas fermentation raw materials.
The second is to use the type of fermentation agent Jinbao as an inoculum convenient, fast, labor-saving, low cost. After adding new ingredients, add appropriate amount of gold treasure fertilizer to the pool. After entering the pool, other programs are managed as normal. Only 30 milliliters of starter can be used in the normal feeding amount (6-10 cubic meters of digester) per tank, and the cost is only about 20 yuan.
The third is that the gas production is stable when the pool temperature is low. In normal temperature fermentation process, biogas fermentation is closely related to temperature, and temperature is the key to gas production. Within a certain temperature range, the higher the temperature, the greater the gas production. The effective use of microbial fertilizers as inoculants can, to a certain extent, solve the contradiction between low temperature and raw material fermentation. Details can visit the website or consult.

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