How to ferment fodder is worthwhile

How to Fertilize the Feed Before Cooperating Before using a goldfish starter to treat a resource, first consider whether it can add value to this resource, using a simple formula to express: the value of the resource = the value of the product - the value of the resource - (processing cost + circulation cost), this formula value must first be greater than zero. You must have the necessary fermentation, otherwise you do not need to waste this energy and time. The circulation cost refers to the product to be put into the market for circulation (not self-produced). It includes the costs of transportation, corporate profits, middleman profits, packaging, and loss. If it is a self-produced and self-use type, the circulation cost is equal to zero, which makes the probability of this type value greater than zero increase greatly, and the range of resources that can be processed is also greatly expanded. Mainly refers to the farmers and the rural areas. For self production and self use, the circulation cost is equal to zero. The processing cost of the farmers is also very small, the labor is cheap, there is no so-called equipment depreciation, interest, financial costs, management costs, and even no electricity or coal. It does not need drying costs. The resources that can be used in rural areas include cakes and pans (mainly refers to cottonseed cakes, rapeseed cakes, tea dried cakes, castor cakes), bad residue, straw green fodder, livestock and poultry manure, root crops, etc. The prerequisite for utilization is that the resources must be substantially increased in value so as to promote the increase of aquaculture efficiency. In the development of this resource, the role that we play with China Chardonnay's Golden Baby is to produce fermentation preparation agents and provide technology, as well as the user's fermentation. Guidance work. Details can visit the website or consult.

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