How sweet is the grape?

Planting grapes to improve sugar quality and improve quality is the key. Normal fertilization often fails to achieve results. Some growers use hormones and are harmful to people's health. Does that have any effect on improving sweetness without affecting product quality? Among them, plant regulators are very good choices, such as the Ginba grape sweetening spirit, which enables the grape plants to live in the environment of a large number of activated beneficial microorganisms of the kappa, so that the absorption area of ​​the root system can be expanded and the photosynthetic activity of the leaves can be enhanced. effect. Not only can reduce the amount of fertilizer used, reduce costs, increase production, but also can significantly improve the quality of grapes, increase sugar sweetness, is conducive to the production of high-quality grapes, and to mention the morning market.
After the application of the golden baby microbial fertilizer combined with the Ginba grape sweetening spirit, a large number of beneficial microorganisms rapidly spread through the soil in a geometric progression, and the metabolites of the functional microorganisms can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and improve the hydrophilicity. , Adsorption, enhanced permeability and ability to retain water and fertilizer, so as to achieve the effect of grapevine drought and flood protection, increase production and income. Even if it encounters a lot of rain, high humidity, and a short sunshine duration, it does not matter if it is applied. The application of microbial fertilizer and biosweetener can effectively strengthen the stems and leaves of the grapes, effectively resist the invasion of diseases and insect pests, and enhance photosynthesis. To maintain a high sugar content state, thereby improving the quality of grapes, increasing sugar content and yield.

ICU Arm bridge for the hospital ICU wards, intensive care unit of modern medical rescue necessary auxiliary equipment,mainly by the bridge dry and wet sections, characterized by the separation of wet and dry is reasonable structure ,allocation of landing and taking off the wet paragraph flexible and fluid infusion pump rack frame and infusion pump mount.

The moving parts adopts Damping Friction Brake system, while also matching your request in accordance with paging communications ,monitoring ,video telephony, background music ,as well as teaching and long-distance diagnosis system.

High strength aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion, easy to clean.


The bridge was subdued.

ICU pendant

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