Russian pond pond breeding feed

Russia is an omnivorous demersal fish. Juveniles feed on benthic and aquatic insects. Adult fish feed on aquatic insects, benthos and small fish. In the case of captivity, artificial baits can be eaten after domestication. It is more difficult to domesticate catfish than conventional fish. At present, there are five commonly used domestication methods.
1. Feed directly with pellets, the time required is short, generally 1 to 2 weeks, and the survival rate is 35% to 40%.
2. Live baits and pellet feeds are alternately fed. This method takes a long time to acclimate, which takes about 8 weeks. The domestication survival rate can reach 40% to 50%.
3. Feed a certain percentage of live baits into the feed to make soft pellets. It takes about 3 weeks to complete domestication and the survival rate is above 50%.
4. Immerse dry pellet feed with live bait slurry, dry it until it is half dry, and it will take about 2 weeks to complete. The survival rate is over 75%.
5. Live bait lure method. The live baits, such as broiled clams, are washed and the slurry is poured into the bait station in the pool so that the fish can smell the scent of the fish and stimulate their appetite. Then sprinkle a little artificial diet, so after a week, gradually reduce the amount of live bait, until it is fully adapted to fit the bait. Obviously, the latter three methods are effective, the domestication time is short, and the survival rate is high. After juveniles receive compound feed, they grow fast, suffer less disease and have a high survival rate.
The feeding of feed must adhere to the principle of "four rules."
1. Timing: 3 times a day, that is, 8:00, 14:00, 17:00 each vote 1st, slightly less than 14:00.
2. Positioning: There are 1 to 2 bait stations per mu of fish ponds. The area of ​​the bait stations is 6 square meters. It is located in a place convenient for feeding, sunny and water exchange to facilitate the feeding of fish. The bait station is controlled about 20 centimeters from the bottom of the pool and there are buoys on the water surface. Usually concentrated bait feed, so that the fish form a condition to reflect foraging.
3. Qualitative: artificial compound feed requires fresh, no deterioration.
4. Quantitative: The determination of the amount of bait is mainly based on water temperature, fish size, eating conditions and climatic factors. In the appropriate temperature range, the feed intake increases with the increase of water temperature. Water temperature 18 ~ 20 °C, according to 4.5% of the fish body weight feeding; water temperature 20 ~ 24 °C, is the period of rapid growth of carp, according to its weight of 5% feeding; water temperature 24 ~ 28 °C, although the food intake is very Large, but the growth rate slows, taking into account the economic benefits, according to 4.5% of fish fed. Stop feeding before rain or thunderstorms. When feeding, sprinkle a small amount of bait first, and introduce the fish to the bait station. After the fish is gathered, feed a large amount of feed for about 15 minutes. After the fish are fully fed, cast a small amount and the whole feeding process takes about 20 minutes. The feeding of bait is based on the principle of “eight fullness”. Finally remove the bait so as not to spoil the water quality.

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