Potato fan production

1, the choice of raw materials. Pick out pest-free, mold-free potatoes, and wash dirt and other dirt from the epidermis. 2, starch processing. The washed potatoes were crushed and filtered, and a suitable amount of spharose was added and the precipitate was stirred (the mordant water was stored separately from the floating water deposited for the first time). The amount of acid slurry depends on whether the temperature is high or low. If the temperature is around 10°C, the pH should be adjusted to 5.6 to 6; if it is above 20°C, the pH should be adjusted to 6 to 6.5. Phosphate role: First, to promote precipitation; Second, the starch powder in the black powder floating on the white, in order to reduce the loss of waste. Precipitated fine powder quickly removes floating water, removes upper layer of black powder, and adds fresh water. Mix well with a wooden stick. Precipitate, drain, and lift the powdered sling to increase the viscosity and make the starch white. After hanging the bag, put it into a sheet. The closed container is smoked with sulfur. 3. Snoring and noodles. In the basin, add 20% of the weight of starch plus 50 degrees of warm water, add water to stir into a thin powder paste, then pour the boiling water into a thin flour paste adjusted well, stir it clockwise with a wooden stick until the powder is transparent and uniform. Into a meal. Mix powder meal with wet starch. The amount of flour meal is the ratio of flour to flour: 5% in winter, about 4% in spring, summer, and autumn, and the surface temperature is about 30°C. When the weather is cold, the basin is placed in water at about 40°C. The surface of the mixture is hydrated at 48-50%, and 0.3-0.6% of the total amount of starch is added in front of the starch. 4, leakage powder molding. Put the powdered noodles into the powder scoop. First half powder scoop, and then beat the edge while adding powder noodles. When the powder line is evenly drained and then transferred to the pot, the distance between the powder scoop and the water surface of the pot is 45-55 cm, and at the same time, the bonfire keeps the water slightly open. 5, cooling and drying. Keep the pot water level with the powder outlet so that the boiled fans can be immersed in cold water. Cooling should be changed frequently. Fish powder should be light and hanging powder should be uniform. Remove the fans and dry them on the whitefly. After the fans dry, they can be bundled and sold.

Shilu Huanglian is mainly produced in the primeval forest area of Dafengpu, Huangshui National Forest Park, Huangshui Town, Shizhu County. The unique climate, water quality and soil conditions in this area are the best growth areas for Shiluo Huanglian. In 1991, the Ministry of Agriculture Investment in the establishment of the National Yellow River Huangpi GAP demonstration base, the town has also established China's largest Coptis market. Natural plant Raw materials Agricultural products are not any additives. Traditional Huanglian kang, baking with firewood, drying, hair removal with bamboo cage trough, the species are hand-selected, remove the impurities and minced, relatively clean.

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