Sheep house construction

The sheep house construction sheep house should be selected in places with high dryness, good drainage, and sunny place. The sheep house floor should be more than 20 cm above the ground. Building materials should be sourced locally. The general requirement is solid, warm and well ventilated.
The area of ​​the sheep house can be determined according to the size of the farm. Generally, each sheep needs to be guaranteed 1.0-2.0 square meters. Every sheep house cannot be circled with many sheep, otherwise it is very difficult to manage and increases the chance of contagious diseases. For a long time, the sheep must be provided with a keeper channel to facilitate feeding and management. The two sides of the channel are separated by iron bars or wooden poles. When the sheep eats and drinks water, they can grapple from the railing to eat or drink.
The height of the sheep house depends on the area of ​​the sheep house. If it is a closed sheep house, the height of sunlight should be considered. The management of sheep houses should remember that the principles of “pure pig net sheep”, “sheep is not wet” and “circle warmer” are to be regularly disinfected. Large-scale breeding establishments with warm equipment should be warm pits.
Second, the stadium close to the entrance should be equipped with a sports field, the stadium should also be high dry terrain, drainage should also be good. The area of ​​the stadium can be determined by the number of sheep, but it must be greater than the sheep house, and it can be guaranteed that the sheep's full activity is the principle. Surrounding the stadium with a wall, surrounded by trees, summer shade, shelter from the rain.
Third, the feed trough can be cemented into a narrow groove above the width of about 30 cm wide, about 25 cm deep. The cement tank is convenient for drinking water, but it is not good when it freezes in winter and it is not easy to clean and disinfect. The feed trough made of wood can be moved to overcome the shortcomings of the cement trough, and the length can be determined according to the number of sheep to facilitate the principle of handling, cleaning and disinfection. The width of the corridor is 130 centimeters. The height of the playground wall is 130 centimeters Small Tail Han Sheep; 160 centimeters of goats Each Sheep Pen area: 480,450 centimeters 2 It corresponds to an area of ​​8080 centimeters per circle. 2 The rear window corresponds to each circle on the ridge. Switching hood sheep covers an area of: 1.5-2.0 m2/head for rams; 0.8-1.0 m2/head for empty ewes; 2.0-2.3 for pregnant or nursing ewes M2/head; young sheep 0.5-0.6 m2/head.
Barn construction requirements:
The building of the cowshed should be determined according to local temperature changes and the production and use of the cattle farm. The building of the cowshed is simple, locally based, economical and practical, but also meets the requirements of veterinary hygiene, scientific and reasonable, conditional, and can be built. Good quality, durable cow barn. The barn is good for sitting south or southeast. The cowshed must have a certain number and size of windows to ensure that the sun is well lit and air circulates. The roof has a certain thickness, good thermal insulation properties. The placement of various facilities in the house should be scientific and reasonable in order to facilitate the growth of beef cattle.
Basic structure: 1. Foundation and wall depth of 8-100 cm, brick wall thickness of 24 cm, double slope type barn ridge height 4.0--5.0 meters, before and after the height of L0--3.5 meters. The wall of the inner wall of the barn is not surrounded by walls to prevent moisture from penetrating into the wall and improve the sturdiness and heat preservation of the wall.
2. The doors and windows are 2.1-2.2 meters high and 2-2.5 meters wide. The doors are generally set up as double doors, and can also be set up and down to roll doors. Closed windows should be larger, 1.5 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, windowsill high 1.2 meters from the ground is appropriate.
3. The site area includes beef cattle production, cattle management, staff life and other ancillary buildings that require a certain space and space. The size of the cattle farm can be calculated based on the area required for each cow, combined with long-term planning. The area of ​​cowsheds and other premises is 15% to 20% of the total area of ​​the site. Due to the differences in size, production purpose, and feeding methods, the area of ​​cattle houses occupied by each cow is different. The area required for fattening cattle is 1.6-4.6 square meters per head. The fattening cattle in the stalls has 2.3-4.6 square meters per head of cattle, and each cow with a fence accounts for 1. 6--2. O square meters.
4. The most common roof is a double-slope roof. This form of roof can be applied to larger-span cowsheds and can be used for all types of herds of cattle. This type of roof is economical, warm, and easy to construct.
5. Cattle bed and feed trough beef cattle are mostly fed through the trough. The cattle bed is generally 1.6-1.8 meters long and 1.0-1.2 meters wide. The cattle bed slope is 1.5% and the bull trough ends are high. The feeding trough is arranged in front of the cow bed, and the fixed cement trough is most suitable, and its width is 0.6-O. 8 meters, the bottom width is 0.35-0.40 meters, showing a curved shape. 35 meters (on the side of the cow bed), outer edge 0.6--0.8 meters high (by the side of the walkway). For easy operation and labor saving, a high-aisle channel should be built. That is, the outer edges of the grooves and the channels are on a horizontal plane.
6. Double-row cowsheds with channel and fecal-urine ditch-to-head rearing, with a median width of 1.4--1.8 meters. The pass width should be based on the principle that the feeder car can pass. If the channel is built in one type, the width of the road is 3 meters (including the width of the material tank). Stool urine ditch width should be the normal implementation of the normal width of the iron shovel is easy, width 0.25-0.3 meters, a depth of 0.15 a. 3 meters, gradient 1:50-1:100.

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