Singapore invented the placenta stem cell device

Release date: 2008-01-23

Singapore invented the placenta stem cell device
Professor Huang Shuncai and Associate Professor Chen Guoqiang from the National University of Singapore were inspired by the orange juicer to invent a device for extracting stem cells from the placenta. More stem cells can be obtained with the new device than the current method of extracting stem cells from the umbilical cord.
Three companies in Singapore, Japan and the UK are interested in this invention. Professor Huang said: "Then we have a idea: try to squeeze as much as a juicer." The result is the birth of a placenta "juice machine" that extracts as much umbilical cord as possible by pressing the placenta hard. blood.
After the baby is born, stem cells can be extracted from the umbilical cord for treatment of a blood disease patient or bone marrow transplantation. The current method of extracting stem cells is to use the syringe to extract as much cord blood as possible from the umbilical cord. Huang Shuncai and Chen Guoqiang said that compared to their invention, the device they invented can extract up to 10 times the cord blood, that is, up to 10 times the stem cells. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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