Ten methods are good for machine repair

1, in addition to scale. Put two larger peeled, seeded loofahs, rinse them into a water tank, and replace them regularly.

2, lack of elastic piston ring. A standard new ring of the same type can be used, with the old ring being examined being placed vertically along the circumference and with both ring openings in a horizontal position. Then press the two rings by hand. If the new ring opens and closes, the old ring opening has been closed, indicating that the old ring is flexible and can continue to be used.

3, repair of broken paper mats. Apply a little butter on both sides of the paper pad, and then cut two thin white papers of the same size as the paper pad, stick them on both sides of the paper pad, and put them on the machine. Tighten the nuts to eliminate leakage.

4, row engine oil pump air. For the S195 diesel engine rotor oil pump, if the pump air is not drained, there will be failure to pump oil. The trick is to use a medical waste needle to fill up the oil, fill it into the pump inlet, and turn the oil pump to make the outlet out of the oil.

5. Oil leakage from the connection between the nose of both ends of the high pressure oil pipe and the injector and the oil valve. The seal is maintained by the machining accuracy of the contact surface and the fastening force of the union nut. Once the contact surface is worn out and leaks oil, a round copper skin can be cut from the waste cylinder pad, and a small hole can be strung in the middle and can be placed between the convex head and the concave pit.

6, iron filter decontamination. The iron filter of the air filter is difficult to clean with diesel oil. If the filter element is stained with diesel oil, it can be ignited and burned. After the fire is extinguished, tapping the core with a wooden stick to make the pyrotechnics fall off can completely remove the stains inside and outside the filter element. Things.

7, in addition to fine filter dirt. The dirt and dirt in the rotor oil filter cannot be easily removed. If a layer of paper is applied to the inner wall of the rotor with butter, and the soil is attached to the paper, the paper can be removed and the soil can be completely removed.

8, Bend tubing. The copper tubing is made of hard material, so it is not easy to bend and install. You can use the charcoal to burn red in the area you want to bend, and immediately put it in water to cool it, and it will become soft and easy to bend.

9, remove the deceleration gear outside the strong retaining ring. The Dongfeng-12 hand drags the outer elastic retaining ring of the reduction gear in the transmission, and it is very difficult to disassemble it. At this time with a wire, one end through the small hole in the ring after the tightening, the other end with a screwdriver wound, tightly pull, and then rotate the drive wheel back and forth a few times, the ring can be removed.

10, rule tires slouching. Take two tablespoons of talcum powder, pull off the valve core, put out the inner tube air, use a hard paper to make a funnel to insert the valve, and talc powder into the inner tube. When the irrigation is not in progress, the paper funnel can be removed. After the wheels are turned, they are filled until they are completely filled, and then the valve core is filled with sufficient gas. After inflated, talcum powder is dispersed in the fetus and diffusely attached to the inner wall of the femur, which can stop tiny air holes from spreading.

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