10 kinds of animal medicine processing methods

1. Tuyuan: Wash the soil of the living soil element and put it in salt water (10 grams of salt per kilogram of soil element) for 40 minutes. When the abdomen is taken out, spread out on the mat, and use a wooden board to gently press the abdomen, bake or dry it.

2. Shuizhan: (1) Concentrate the leeches into the pots, and pour the boiling water into them, so as to submerge the 2-3 fingers of the leeches, remove the hot leeches in about 20 minutes, and wash them in a clean place. (2) The blisters are piled into the lime and buried for about 20 minutes. The blisters are poisoned and died. Then they are dried or dried and sieved to remove lime powder. The finished product after the blister processing is preferably in the form of a natural flat spindle, a slightly raised back, a flat ventral surface, a brittle and easily breakable, and a gel-like and shiny section.

3, full 蝎: (1) processing salty sorghum: before processing, will receive the dumplings into a plastic basin filled with cold water, gently stir with a tool, wash away the body of the dumplings, so that it slowly spit out the body Dirt, rinse and drain several times. According to the standard of 150 g of salt and 150 g of water and 2500 ml of water per 500 g of live oyster, the salt is opened in a pot, then placed in a pot, soaked for 4-6 hours and then removed. Bring the salt water to boil, remove the foam, pour the dumplings out, press with a bamboo mat or straw mat, so that the salt water flows over the dumplings, boil for 20 minutes, if you find that the end of the carcass is put up with your fingers , rigid, and with a ditch on the back, you can remove it. The cooked medlar was spread on the straw mat and dried in a ventilated place. Avoid exposure to sunlight. (2) Process light sorghum: Before processing, put the scorpion into clear water, wash, remove and put into boiling water and cook for 20 minutes. Add 20-30 grams of salt per 500 grams of live sorghum.

4. Tianlong: After catching, use bamboo sticks to pass through the abdominal cavity from the mouth, fix the tail to the bamboo pole, and then use a slight fire to dry or dry. Note that the tail does not fall off during capture and processing.

5. 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 。 。 。 。 。 5 Take thin bamboo strips that are equal in length, width, and width, and that are slightly pointed at both ends. One end is pierced into the lower jaw, and one end is inserted into the upper end of the tail. The bamboo sheet is stretched and stretched to dry. When processing, take care not to fold the tail. After processing, store it in a dry place to prevent insects from becoming moldy.

6, 蛤蚧: Hit the head with a small hammer to make it weighed. Cut off the eyes with a trimmer and then cut it off from the abdomen to the chest. Draw off the viscera. Dry it with a cloth (cannot be washed with water), then spread it with boiling water, scald with dried bamboo, and parallel the limbs with two flat bamboo sticks. Hold up. The flat bamboo strips, which are longer than 1/2 of the body of the turtle, are inserted between the bamboo strips and the bamboo strips in the longitudinal direction and reach the head. Wrap the tail with sandpaper to avoid breakage and dry with a slight fire. Baking time is only one line, head down, tied with sandpaper, that is, the finished product.

7. Cockroaches: It is a dry clam shell after the emergence of the insect Cicadae. This product is wild and has limited resources. It is a sporadic collection. Keep the clam shell intact during collection and wash the soil after collection and dry it.

8. Spotted plover: It is a dry worm of the southern great spotted beetle and the yellowish black spotted plague, which is a sporadic collection of wild species. The worm body should be kept intact and dried during collection.

9. Bombyx mori: Heat the pan, pour it into wheat bran and pour smoke into the dead silkworm. Slowly fry until it's slightly yellow, pan the pan, and cool the package. General qualified products are cylindrical, more curved and shrunk, 2-5 cm long, 0.4-0.7 cm thick, yellowish surface, hard and brittle, easy to break, cross section, color brown and black, bright, there are 4 brown light circles; slightly rancid odor, slightly salty.

10. Burdockworm: A female dry insect body of the family Polygonidae or other insect of the same genus. In areas where livestock can gather, when the locust falls on the poultry and sucks blood, use a big swatter to gently pat, and be careful not to break the body. After tapping, use a string to form a string, dried or dried.

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