Diagnosis and Treatment of Melon Nematodiasis

Typical symptoms: Nematode disease is a disease commonly known to vegetable farmers as "long potatoes on roots." The main damage to plant roots or fibrous roots. After root damage, tumorous root nodules of different sizes are produced, and many small milky nematodes are buried in the diseased part of the root. Plants on the ground will be debilitated due to the onset of disease, and there will be different degrees of wilting at noon and gradually yellow.
Cause of the disease: The nematode lives in a soil layer of 5 to 30 cm. The eggs or larvae left over in the soil as the disease remains. By sick soil, diseased seedlings, and irrigation water, it can survive in soil for 1 to 3 years. When the conditions are suitable, nematodes parasitic on the fibrous roots, ie, galls or overwintering eggs, hatch to form larvae, move to the root tip in the soil, and invade from above the root cap and settle in the growth point. The secretion stimulates the duct cells. Swelling, forming giant cells or worms, called root knots. The temperature and humidity of the soil in the field is an important condition that affects the hatching and reproduction of eggs. In general, the environment in which the thermophilic vegetables grow and develop is also suitable for the survival and harm of nematodes. It is more common in the southern China's temperature and humidity environment. With the expansion of winter vegetable planting area in the north and the extension of planting time, winter melons in protected areas have created a very good living condition for the wintering of nematodes. Continuous cropping and heavy planting of melons in greenhouses has a growing trend of nematode disease. In areas where winter melons are cultivated, continuous cropping and re-planting of Solanaceae crops, and the occurrence of nematode diseases, have severely affected the production and efficiency of winter melons.
Treatment methods:
Ecological control: (1) No insect soil nursery: Mix the soil with or without pests and diseased soil with 6 to 4 ratios, and add 100 ml of 1.8% avermectin per cubic meter of nutrient soil. Mix for seedlings. 2 Shed room temperature, lime nitrogen, flooded soil sterilization. In the summer after the melons have been pulled, the soil is deep-flooded with 200kg of quicklime at 40 to 50cm per 667m2. 500kg of loosening material stalk can be added every 667m2. , Or shop film cover tightly compacted. After 15 days, deep watering can be used to flood the shed for 20 to 30 days, which can effectively reduce the risk of nematode disease. Treated soil, pay attention to increase phosphorus, potassium fertilizer and biological bacteria fertilizer before cultivation.
Pharmaceutics treatment of soil: Before planting, apply 10% blessing multi-granules per 667 m2 to 2.5 kg to 3 kg. After planting, cover soil and water for 1 week to seal the planting soil; or apply 10% glycant granules per 667 m2. Three to four kilograms, or 3 to 5 kilograms of 3% Merrill granules per 667 m2, or 4 liters of phoxim 2 pgs per 667 m2 +1.8% of worms and worms 200 grams of mixed sulcus irrigation Treatment, or 1% Wicked + 40% phoxim 1 kg hole irrigation.

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