Dead mushroom control technology

I. Causes of Death of Mushrooms

1. Mushroom ventilation and moisturizing are not coordinated. Straw mushroom is an aerobic fungus that requires a lot of water, and it is easy to dry out due to excessive ventilation. Insufficient ventilation can cause excessive carbon dioxide and death due to lack of oxygen.

2. The mushroom house temperature suddenly changes. Most of the straw mushroom cultivation in the south uses foam mushroom house, which plays an important role in constant temperature and humidity. However, if the doors were not closed in time due to a typhoon, they were not heated in time when they were frozen, or they were not ventilated and cooled early in the event of continued high temperatures, or there was too much well water sprayed on the floor, and the cooling was too fast. No sudden change in temperature and batch death.

3. Poor quality and pest damage. Age-appropriate strains die of ageing because they cannot be cultivated in time. The vigor of the mycelium is poor, and the accumulation of nutrients after seeding is insufficient, and the survival rate of the mushroom will be very low. At the same time, dead mushrooms may also appear when infected with bacteria or by locust infestation.

Second, prevention and control measures

1 straw mushroom hi temperature and humidity environment. After entering the house, the culture materials should be strictly controlled to contain water, and the use of super-inferior bacteria should be avoided to maintain the mushroom house temperature at about 30°C. If you encounter continuous hot weather and there is less moisture, you can sprinkle water on the floor and increase ventilation to cool and moisturize.

2. The wheat bran (nitrogen) applied on the surface of the strain should not exceed 30% (it may not be applied) to reduce the occurrence of green mold and other bacteria and insect pests.

3. Be careful when harvesting straw mushrooms so as not to mechanically injure the mushrooms or break the layer of mycelium causing dead mushrooms. As long as care is taken at every production stage, the death mushroom phenomenon in mushroom cultivation can be reduced.

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