Pleurotus ostreatus canning process

(1) Acceptance and rinsing of raw materials: After acceptance, Pleurotus eryngii should be poured into clean water and gently agitated to thoroughly remove impurities such as cotton shells and sediment.

(2) Precooking: Precooked with water, the ratio of mushrooms to water is 1:1, boiled for 8 to 10 minutes, and cooked thoroughly. Remove and put in cold water.

(3) Classification: According to the size of the cap, it is generally divided into three grades: diameter 5.0-6.5, 6.6-8.0, and 8.0-10.0 cm. Large mushroom cap diameter larger than 10.0 cm, as well as broken mushrooms, malformed mushrooms, etc., with hands torn into pieces for the use of block mushroom cans.

(4) Canning and adding soup: Before canning, gently rinsing Pleurotus ostreatus once to remove debris and impurities. The diameter of the cap is less than 8.0cm, into 7116 type cans, loading capacity of 250 ~ 260g, the finished product canned net weight 425g; diameter of 8 cm or more, into the 9124-type cans, the amount of 480 ~ 490g, finished cans net weight 850g; Mushrooms are packed in 7116 cans and the volume is 250 to 260g. The net weight of finished cans is 425g.

The soup is 2.5% saline. The temperature of the soup when injecting is not lower than 80°C.

(5) Pre-sealed, vented and sealed: After pre-sealing, the exhaust is heated, the temperature in the exhaust box is 95-98°C, the exhausting time is 8-10 minutes, and the seal is started when the center temperature in the tank reaches 75°C or more.

(6) Sterilization and cooling: 425g canning, sterilization: 15'-20'-10'/121°C; 850g canning, sterilization: 15'-20'-10'/121°C.

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