Five net animals are not sick in summer

In the livestock breeding process, most farmers can meet the needs of various nutrients for livestock, but often neglect health work, especially in the summer when the pathogenic microorganisms grow in large numbers and breed easily, causing various diseases of livestock. Therefore, keeping livestock in the summer must pay attention to the following five nets.

The net concentrate material should be selected and crushed well. It does not contain foreign matters such as sand, earth, and stone, and it is not mildew or rot.

Before each grass feed, the hay should be sifted, and the mud should be screened to pick out the foreign matter. The wheat straw and grass that are fed should be washed with water first, and the washing water should be changed once a day.

The circle net circle should be hygienic, do ground disinfection, bedding soil, ground dung, keep the circle clean, fresh air.

The trough net feeding trough should be cleaned after daily feeding to remove residual fodder, and washed with clean water once a day in summer.

The water net should feed the livestock with clean water or salt water.

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