Buying Compound Feed Note "Five Looks"

The compound feed is a diet containing various nutrients according to the needs of different nutrients in different growth stages and production purposes (eg, meat production, egg production, milk production, hair production, and ornamental purposes) of the livestock and poultry. Some data indicate that feeding compound feed can generally increase the growth performance of livestock and poultry by 10% to 30%, reduce the feed cost by 8% to 25%, and reduce the disease and improve the comprehensive breeding efficiency. Farmers need to “five look” when purchasing compound feed.

Look at some manufacturers when they buy feed, pay no attention to manufacturers and brands, just buy. At present, there are many fodder manufacturers, who should look for manufacturers when purchasing feeds, and choose products that are popularized by scientific research institutions after testing.

Look at the regular feeds produced by the regular packaging manufacturers, and the packaging is beautiful and neat. The site, telephone, and the type of adaptation are clear. There are trademarks registered in the industry and commerce departments. Many counterfeit and shoddy product bags are fake on the site and telephone, and there are no registered trademarks.

Look at the color of a certain type of feed of a certain brand, its color is relatively stable within a certain period of time. Due to the different colors of various feed ingredients, different manufacturers have different formulations. Therefore, it cannot be measured by the uniform color standard, but when purchasing the same brand of feed, if the color change is too large, it should not be easily purchased.

Look at the uniformity of the quality of the regular manufacturers of high-quality feed, the mix is ​​very uniform, and poor quality of feed due to simple processing equipment, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of feed; from each of the different parts of the feed each grab a hand, it is easy to see the pros and cons .

See shelf life shelf life is one of the contents indicated on the feed label. Do not purchase any compound feed that exceeds shelf life and does not indicate shelf life.

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