Grape pest control in June

June is the key month when many diseases begin to invade, gradually occur and aggravate, timely spraying of effective agents is the key measure to guarantee the normal growth and development of grapes and increase economic efficiency.

I. 68.75% DuPont “Ecopol” water dispersible granules are excellent fungicides and have good control effects against grape downy mildew, white rot, anthrax, blackpox, brown spot and other diseases. The drug price is higher, but there are more objects to be controlled and the residual period is longer (more than 15 days). Extremely resistant to rain erosion is the outstanding advantage of the drug. The author suggests that the fruit farmer try this medicine. The use concentration of Yibao is 1200-1500 times. 40% Fuxing, 40% fluorosiliconazole, 40% Guixing 8000 times, etc. have special effects on white rot, 80% of big students M45 and 80% spray grams are excellent protective agents, and have good preventive effects on various grape diseases. The general use of 600-800 times liquid. Substances with good effect on downy mildew are: 72% clenbuterol (frost manganin) 600-800 times, 85% epidermis 600x, Baidefu or inomil 600-800 times etc. . These agents are less effective against other diseases. The effective agents for white rot include: Duofengnong 600-800 times liquid, Trichoderma or Fumei double 600 times liquid. These agents have poor efficacy against other diseases. Carbonate 600-800 times liquid has excellent control effect against anthrax. 25% Benzophenone EC 800 times has excellent control effect on brown spot and black spot disease. 1:0.6:160-200 times Bordeaux mixture has good preventive effect on several diseases such as downy mildew, black pox, anthrax and brown spot, and is ineffective against white rot. The orchards can be selected according to the newly planted varieties and the occurrence of diseases.

Second, the newly developed red earth varieties have very poor resistance to downy mildew and black pox. From June onwards, we must pay attention to prevention and control.

Third, the grape spider has been found to be harmful and the corresponding acaricide can be used.

Acid-Base Balance of Medicine

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