How to prevent the bacterial leaf spot of S. japonicum

S. japonicus is susceptible to bacterial leaf spot disease under high temperature and humidity conditions. In the early stage of disease, light green water spots will appear on the leaf surface. If it is not timely controlled, it will expand into a sickle-like uplift, and it can be combined into large patches of brown, late dry, and when it is severe, it will cause a large number of fallen leaves.

Control methods:

1 During the growth period, it is necessary to strengthen conservation management so that the plants grow robustly and increase their disease resistance.

2 During the period of high temperature and high humidity, it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation and cooling and dehumidification, so that the bamboo jellyfish grow well and at the same time reduce the incidence of conditions.

3 In the early stage of onset, even spray 800 times solution of 50% dexamethasone emulsion, or 0.5% Bordeaux mixture, spray once every 10 days, spray 2~3 times continuously.

Precursors NO

Precursors NO

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