Elida whole plant packaging solution = automated packaging system = automatic packaging production line

Elida Whole Plant Packaging Solution = Automated Packaging System = Automatic Packaging Production Line:

(1) sealing machine + automatic strapping machine + pallet stacking machine (2) pallet stacking machine + automatic strapping machine (3) corner sealing machine + conveyor (4) pallet stacking machine + automatic bundle Charter

Customized according to customer's specific conditions!

Neck Massage Pillow:

The Neck Massage pillow is a new generation of innovative Health Care product based on developments in physics, bonics and micro electronic technology. It combines a large number of clinical practices to produce a personal massage experience for the user. The massage unit is featured by streamlined design;it can instantly alleviate neck discomfort and neck fatigue, and has a microheat function through three-point pressure massage and two stretching pint vibration massage.

Neck massage pillow is to act air pressure massage and vibration directly on the person`s neck, by massaging tissues around the neck and the soft vibration massage point to point, the muscles may experience an exercise movement, speeding up to clear up the restriction to the blood circulation inside the muscle, and improving the blood circulation, so it immediately alleviate neck fatigue and prevent neck disease.

Neck massager Pillow

Neck Massager Pillow

Neck Massager Pillow

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