Technical points for improving meat pigeon quality

(a) choose a good variety. The United States White Feather King has a large body size and fast pigeon weight gain (up to about 600 grams at 25 days of age). It is resistant to roughage, strong disease resistance, high yield, and a wide range of feed sources. It is the preferred breed of pigeons for farmers.

(B) with a good feed. Meat pigeon feed generally uses corn, wheat, rice, broad beans, peas, sorghum and other raw grains. In addition, according to different seasons and production cycles, germanium substances, trace elements, and vitamins are added. This can meet the needs of pigeons for growth and nutrition and does not include any Hormones, delicious pigeons, with a natural flavor.

(C) Do a good job of prevention. The breeding pigeons are vaccinated 1-2 times a year for Newcastle disease vaccine. The pigeons are born about 10 days with Newcastle disease ii systemic seedlings, and the breeding pigeons are inoculated once at the time of breeding. Spray disinfection of the lofts and pigeon cages is performed every 10 days or so (does not need to be taken out of the cage during disinfection). Remove the pigeon droppings once every 4-6 days and do ventilation work to keep the cage dry and fresh air.

In addition to traditional Chinese medicines such as gentian, licorice, etc. added to health sands, long-term addition of EM effective microorganisms and garlic to the drinking water of pigeons, 50 ml of EM, 15 g of smashed garlic, and a little brown sugar are added to every 5 kg of water.

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