Causes and treatment of abnormal extinction of walking tractors

Walking tractor driver can not shut the throttle in the seat, be sure to get out of the car with a hand-pull speed regulator to turn off.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the throttle lever and the connecting plate assembly are improperly installed. It is not guaranteed that the throttle lever is in the top position when the throttle lever is in the minimum position; the throttle connecting piece (located in the timing gear housing cover) (bottom left) of the installation location is not proper, its small head up or left, resulting in insufficient pre-tightening force of the torsion spring, when the throttle handle is in the oil stop position, the connecting plate assembly does not have enough power to turn the speed control handle to the most The upper oil stop position shuts off the throttle.

To install the throttle flap: First, insert one end of the torsion spring into the small hole of the connecting piece, and put the torsion spring and the connecting piece over the assembly. Then fasten the bolts through the assembly and pre-tighten the body. Then twist the torsion spring with your left hand, that is, apply a pre-tightening force to it so that the small end of the connecting piece is at the lower left position of about 15. Tighten the bolts last to fix the assembly.

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