Why pigs develop nutritional diarrhea

Nutritional allergic diarrhea; Because the diet of piglets is mostly corn pod meal, and there are antigenic substances that can cause anaphylaxis of piglets, such as glycinin, semi-globulin, etc., the piglets are prone to oversensitivity and cause diarrhea after eating. Anti-nutritional factor diarrhea: Because soybean meal contains anti-trypsin and urease, the former can combine with trypsin to form an irreversible complex, so that trypsin loses its function of degrading proteins, resulting in the protein not enter into the large intestine and is not digested and absorbed. Fermentation causes diarrhea. The latter hydrolyzes protein breakdown products into ammonia and carbon dioxide, which increases the ammonia concentration in the urea cycle, damaging the intestinal mucosa and causing diarrhea. Nutrition-deficit diarrhea: Insufficient ratio of pig feed or chronic consumptive disease in pigs or inadequate feed intake may cause pigs to lack vitamins and minerals (iron, selenium, folic acid, etc.), resulting in decreased body resistance. , there is a squat.

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