Peristaltic pump common problems and answers

JIHPUMP Jieheng peristaltic pump frequently asked questions and answers
The principle of peristaltic pump:
The rotating hose is used to roll the flexible hose, and the fluid in the hose moves with the rotation of the wheel, just like the two fingers pinch the hose, and as the finger moves, the liquid flows. Our pump uses a runner and a press block to create a finger-like squeezing effect.
Advantages of peristaltic pumps:
High cleanliness and no pollution: The liquid only touches the hose, which is easy to clean. It takes only a few seconds to replace the hose.
High efficiency and low energy consumption: self-priming, check valve capability
High precision: dispensing and reproducibility can reach 1% to 0.5%.
Low shear: Pumps shear-sensitive liquids and organic solvents to transport solids.
Low maintenance: quick plug, no valves and seals, hose is the only consumable
Flow rate and flow rate:
How much flow range can the Jieheng peristaltic pump reach?
Low flow rate can reach 0.001ml/min to 35L/min.
Large hose pump can reach 50 cubic / H
What is the accuracy of Jieheng peristaltic pump delivery?
The delivery and reproduction accuracy of Jieheng peristaltic pump can reach ±1~0.5%
What effect does fluid viscosity have on the transfer process?
All fluid delivery was measured based on 20 °C water. An increase in fluid viscosity will remove the low flow rate.
What effect does fluid specific gravity have on delivery?
All fluid delivery rates were measured based on a specific gravity of 1 at 20 °C. If the specific gravity is increased, the flow rate and flow rate are divided by the specific gravity.
Pump head:
What is the maximum pressure?
The rated pressure of Jieheng peristaltic pump can be divided into three types according to different systems, 0.17MP, 0.2MP, 0.27MP. This depends on the pump head model and hose;
Jieheng high pressure hose pump pressure can reach 0.6MP-1MP.
What is the maximum inlet pressure?
Usually the pressure is 0.27MP, which will vary depending on the wall thickness and material of the pump tube.
What is the maximum suction height?
The maximum suction can reach 8.8m water column.
Does Jieheng Peristaltic Pump need to be equipped with anti-backflow check valve?
No, the peristaltic pump itself has a shut-off valve function that can prevent backflow in both directions.
Can Jay's peristaltic pump run dry?
Yes, the principle of the peristaltic pump determines that the pump can be idling dry and can pump gas, liquid, gas-liquid mixture.
Can the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump deliver slurry and abrasive liquids containing impurities?
can. The diameter of the particles and impurities in the delivered liquid is not more than one-third of the diameter of the pump tube. The viscosity of the slurry depends on the material and elasticity of the pump tube.
Does the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump have self-priming capability?
Yes, Jieheng peristaltic pump can produce a vacuum of 660mm Hg, which is 8.8m water column height.
Is the flow and speed of the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump proportional to the speed of the pump head runner?
Yes, the pump head produces a fixed flow output every revolution, and the faster the speed, the greater the flow rate.
Does the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump have no siphon?
No, the pump tube of the peristaltic pump is always pressed and closed by the pump head clamp and the runner, so that the natural flow of the fluid does not occur as long as the pressure across the pump tube is within the rated pressure range of the pump tube and the pump head.
Does Jay's peristaltic pump have more pump heads and hoses of different calibers?
In order to better meet the fluid delivery efficiency and economy, different drivers and pump heads and hoses are available.
Can the JIHPUMP peristaltic pump be transported in reverse?
Yes, the peristaltic pump can work both positively and negatively.
Pump tube:
Is the pump tube important?
Yes, the pump tube is the pump chamber. The spring force of the pump tube produces a suction stroke; the strength produces a pressure resistance; the flexible procedure determines the service life; the inner diameter determines the flow velocity, and the wall thickness determines the efficiency of the pump.
What is the chemical resistance?
Depending on the choice of pump tubing, different pump tubing materials can withstand different fluids. Such as strong acid and alkali.
How long can the pump tube last?
The life of the pump tubing depends on the pump speed and pump pressure, the material and chemical compatibility of the pump tubing, and the abrasiveness of the fluid being delivered.
What is the impact of pump speed on the life of the pump tubing?
The lower the pump speed, the longer the life of the pump tubing.
What is the life of a commonly used pump tube?
It varies from hundreds of hours to tens of thousands of hours, depending on the material of the pump tube.
Is the pump tube suitable for food and aseptic applications?
Yes, the pump tube is a hose for the peristaltic pump, and hoses with different standard requirements can be provided as needed.
Can a hose purchased on the market be used for a peristaltic pump?
No, the peristaltic pump hose is special, and its wall thickness, elasticity, compression and wear resistance are required.
Can the pump head and the drive pump tube be purchased separately?
Yes, for ease of use, the pump head and the drive pump tube can be combined flexibly and conveniently.
Can a drive drive multiple pump heads simultaneously?
Yes, several pump heads can be mounted on the drive shaft of the same drive on one drive. The speed and flow of these pump heads change with the adjustment.

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