Cotton seedlings can be transplanted in four areas for high yield

"The seedlings are very well-worn." Wu Hongyun, a 56-year-old peasant in the Dongdong neighborhood of Wutan Town, Suining County, Jiangsu Province, used cotton seedlings with fertilizers, medicines, water, and soil (abbreviated as four belts) to transplant 1 mu in 2004, which was compared with Tian during growing and harvesting. The survival rate of the "four belts" cotton seedlings was 99%, and the development of the trees was quick and the disease was light; the survival rate of the "four belts" cotton seedlings was 87%, and the live trees were slow for 5-6 days, causing serious diseases. The "four belts" cotton fields had an income of 1,806 yuan, and no "four belts" of mu had an income of 1,598 yuan, which was an increase of 208 yuan. Here are some specific practices related to the "four belts":

1, with fertilizer: "Mai pick cotton", "cotton pickled rapeseed" cornice generally in late May to early June before the end of transplanting. Before transplanting in Daejeon, 5-6 days in combination with easy soil, every 10m2 of seedbeds is poured uniformly with 25kg of livestock manure and 0.5kg of urea, so that the root system can absorb more fertilizer to prevent 2-3 days after transplanting. Cotton seedlings steeply stop absorbing fertilizer and withering, affecting survival.

2, with medicine: In order to destroy the parasitic spider mites and other insects on the cotton seedlings, 5-10 days before transplanting every 10 square meters with "dimethoate" pesticides 25 grams of water evenly sprayed 10 kg, so that the economy is not only pest control , but also can get twice the result with half the effort.

3, with water, with soil: spray 3-4 days in advance biochemical agents such as strong seedlings, promote long-rooted foliar anti-freezing seedlings, prevent flooding high, prevent injury seedlings, and cultivate dwarf strong seedlings. Two days before the start of seedlings, the root water was poured over the roots to ensure that the seedlings not only damaged the root system, but also brought roots and carcasses of earthworms in order to increase the viable seedlings.

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