Summer dripping Guanyin management

Dripping water Guanyin (Begonia) is a famous large-scale indoor foliage plant. Its leaves are hypertrophic and bright, suitable for living room and tropical scenery. When the soil has a large amount of water, it will drip down from the tip of the leaf or the edge of the leaf, hence the name “Drip Guanyin”.

Dripping Guanyin is resistant to glare. In summer, the pots should be placed in a ventilated place with no direct light in the room, often spraying water around and around the leaves, increasing the air humidity, lowering the temperature of the leaves, and keeping the blades clean. However, watering should not be excessive, otherwise the tubers will rot. When wet, no water is the best.

Dripping water Guanyin grows rapidly in summer and needs a large amount of nutrients. Every 15 to 20 days should be replaced by top-dressing bean cake water and other liquid fertilizers and compound fertilizers (like nitrogen fertilizer), otherwise it will easily cause baldness at the lower part of the stem, yellow leaves or leaves Become smaller. A 2% ferrous sulfate solution is applied once every 20 days or so to make the dripping Guanyin leaf larger, thicker, and greener. When the dripping Guanyin grows to be suitable for home placement, the whole plant is sprayed with 2% paclobutrazol solution. The plants are not only small and exquisite, but also the leaves are hypertrophic and the ornamental value is higher.

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