Four Misunderstandings of Pesticide Use

Misunderstanding 1: No drugs at the beginning of the disease, no insects and no drugs

Most of the diseases and insect pests in the early stages of the disease are very light. At this time, the effect of medication is good. After a large area of ​​outbreaks occurs, it is difficult to hold more medicine. Misunderstanding 2: The liquid concentration is as high as possible

When farmers use pesticides, they often add more medicine and less water to reduce their workload. When spraying insecticides and bactericides, sufficient water consumption is very important because eggs and bacteria are concentrated in the back of the leaves and in the soil adjacent to the roots. When the pesticides are applied, water consumption is small, and it is difficult to spray the whole plant. The residual eggs and dead bacteria in the dead end can easily erupt again. Increasing the use concentration can also enhance the resistance of pathogens and pests. If the concentration exceeds the safe concentration, it may cause phytotoxicity. When the foliar fertilizer is used at high concentration, not only can it not be absorbed by the crop, but also the body fluid of the crop can be infiltrated, resulting in physiological drought. Hormone pesticides may cause adverse effects or deform the crop when they are too high. Therefore, simply increasing the drug concentration is often counterproductive.

Myth 3: Prevention Once, Once and For All

Insecticides and fungicides have a significant effect in the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, but once they have achieved significant effects, they will continue to be affected by the loss of pesticides, decomposition, and infection of adjacent plots. They should be separated by 7 to 15 days. Medication several times in order to achieve the best control effect. After foliar fertilizers and hormonal pesticides are sprayed, the plants can only absorb traces from the leaf surface. It is advisable to apply the spray in small amounts for a suitable period to achieve the desired effect.

Myth 4: Poor knowledge of pesticides

The pesticide market has opened up, and the quality of pesticide managers is uneven. They often use farmers' lack of knowledge about pesticides and mislead farmers. Therefore, before using pesticides, it is advisable to go to a formal and qualified plant protection department for advice on the symptomatic use of pesticides. Do not purchase pesticides from licensees who are not fully licensed, and do not use expired pesticides or identify suspicious pesticides.

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