Conservation Harvester forgets small accessories

Tensioning wheel The tensioning wheel is used to adjust the tightness of the V-belt and plays a major role in the effect of the harvester. Tightening wheels are worn out in the operation. Most of them are attached to the outer side of the fuselage. If they are improperly maintained, they are prone to damp and rust. Therefore, besides keeping it clean, we should add good-quality lubricant to the center every day, and we should rub the oil in the whole season.

Chain due to the work of the chain more dust, it is easy to stained with oil sludge, affect transmission, should be cleaned regularly, can be cleaned in gasoline, and then in the oil soaked for about 30 minutes, remove and drip dry and then use. After the end of each season, the chain should be unloaded and put into oil. After being boiled, it should be wrapped in butter and put in a dry place. The sprocket should be scrubbed with gasoline or diesel oil and greased with rust. When installing the chain, the chain should be wrapped around the sprocket first, and then the chain pin should be passed through. The thread should be worn from the inside to the outside so that the connection plate can be installed from the outside and locked. It should also be kept tight, with certain decisive activities. room. When disassembling, you can use the hammer to gently rotate the two connecting pins on the same connecting plate, pull out the pins and remove the chain. If the pins have become thicker, they can be leveled and then removed.

Once the triangle belt is stained with oil such as butter and engine oil, it is prone to slippage and accelerates the damage of the V-belt. It should be cleaned in time, and it can be cleaned with gasoline. When emergency gasoline is not found, it can also be cleaned with alkaline cleaners. It must not be oiled. After the quarterly operation is finished, when maintaining the harvester, the V-belt should be unloaded and hung in a ventilated and dry place, or the tensioning wheel should be loosened to make the belt relaxed. When installing, usually about 1m two rounds, with the finger pressing the middle of the triangle belt, the vertical drop of 10 ∽ 20mm is appropriate. Always check the tension of the V-belt during use and adjust it at any time. The old and new triangle belts cannot be used simultaneously.

In daily maintenance of bearings, lubricants should be filled as required. The holes sealed at both ends are lubricated with grease. When reloading and reloading, do not hard knock hard, especially not to hit the outer ring of the bearing, you should tap the inner ring of the bearing gently.

Tyres should maintain a certain pressure on the tires every day. The empirical method to check the air pressure is to open the car to a hard, flat surface. The tire tread is in contact with the road and there is no large deformation on the side of the tire. The pressure is appropriate. Every time before inflating, clean the valve and drain the pump or cylinder. In order to ensure that the newly installed inner tube is not stretched and stretched, a small amount of air should be filled in, and then inflated to the standard air pressure after installation. After inflation, check the valve for leaks. It is strictly forbidden to approach oil or flammable items. When storing, wooden blocks, etc. should be placed under the tires.

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