Onion top dressing technology

After the onion is colonized, the growth of the root system is the first, and then the growth of the upper part of the ground is shifted to the upper part of the bulb. According to the growth and development characteristics of onion, it is one of the keys to the high yield of onion.

Miao Miao Fei: 15 to 20 days after planting to slow down the Miao Fei, to supplement the nutrients for the continued growth of the roots, while preparing for the growth of the above-ground soon to start. Urea 5 ~ 6 kg / mu, watering after application, in order to facilitate the absorption and utilization.

Hair fat: 30 days after planting, at this time, vegetative growth should be applied to grow fat, in order to ensure the growth of functional leaves above ground. Because the size of the leaf vegetative body is closely related to the size of the subsequent bulb; the promotion of leaf growth in the early stage lays the foundation for the later hypertrophic growth of the bulb. More nitrogen-based fertilizer, Mushi urea 5 ~ 6 kg, potassium sulfate 5 kg.

Promoting head fat: After the plants have 8 to 10 tubular leaves, the bulbs begin to expand, and the insect should be chased once to urge the head fertilizer to focus on the mid-bulb expansion. When the bulbs begin to grow, they must not apply excessive nitrogen fertilizer. In the late growth stage of bulbs, excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer will cause “greediness” and affect harvesting. Mushi urea 5 ~ 7 kg, 8 kg of potassium sulfate. In the bulb growth period, the lack of potassium will not only reduce the yield, but also have a certain impact on the product's storability.

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