Corn pests corn borer control method

(1) Harmful conditions Newly-incubated larvae group eat fresh leaves and young leaves;
(2) Morphological characteristics Adult wingspan 25 to 35 mm, yellow-brown, female moth body thick, bright yellow fore wings. Male moths are thin, slightly darker than female moths, yellow-browned on the head, chest and fore wings. The back of the chest is light yellowish-brown. The forewings are dark brownish-brown in horizontal lines, brown on the inside, brown on the base, and light brown on the hind wings.
(3) Prevention and cure method 1 The stalks of the wintering host are treated in time after harvest, and must be processed before the overwintering larvae become eclosion.
2 Trichogramma bees were released 2 to 3 times from the beginning of spawning to the spawning period, and 10,000 to 20,000 were released per acre.
3 Spray 600ml of 25% Diflubenzuron 3x Suspension, or 200ml of emulsion containing 10 billion or more million pounds per gram of BT emulsion, also can be made into granules.
4Using Beauveria Bassiana powder per cubic meter of straw with spores of 5 billion to 10 billion bacteria powder 100 grams, sprayed on the cocoon before the corn cocoon.
5 Use 0.5 kg of powdered green worms to mix 100 kg of fine soil and apply them to the leaves.
6 Using black light moths combined with field eggs, in order to control the number of eggs laid and the progress of hatching and field hazards, when the spring corn leaves at the end of the plant rate of 10% when the general rule. More than 20% or more than 100 eggs need to be re-prevented for 30 or more times, summer corn should be protected at the end of the leaf stage, and when the panicle rate reaches 10% in the panicle stage or when 50 heads of insects are used in the panicle, the medicament can be immediately controlled. Use 50% acaricidal monosoluble powder 100 g for water irrigation leaves, or 0.1% kungfu granules for 0.16 g per plant. Can also be sprayed with 5.7% chrysanthemum emulsifiable concentrate 4000 times, or 40% synergistic speed to kill Ding or 5% Laurerin EC 2000 times, in addition can also use retention fumigation method.

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