Edible fungi imitation wild cultivation technology

Using straw or wheat straw to imitate the wild pollution-free cultivation of mushroom technology, without any special equipment, without cutting off the smash, do not add any supplementary materials, just quantitatively inundate the straw, you can cultivate large areas of wild mushrooms, phoenix tail Mushrooms and other edible fungi, so that artificially grown products have the color and flavor of wild mushrooms. The technology uses 4,000 to 5,000 kg of straw per mu. Mushrooms can also be properly interplanted corn, sunflower, melon, beans and other crops, considerable benefits, increase production potential.
1. Raw material handling (dipping) Straw or straw used for growing mushrooms must be thoroughly dried. Strew the straw tightly, each about 7 kg. Put a proper amount of quicklime into the pool, add water to 4/5 of the pool capacity, and release 0.4 to 0.5 kg of lime per 100 kg of water. Put straw bales along the side of the pool longitudinally, place 2 layers, press the stones, immerse the straw in the lime water for 13 to 15 minutes, then remove the soaked straw bales, drain for 20 minutes, and pile them into a pile. . The pre-wet method of wheat straw is the same as straw, but the soaking time must be longer than 25 minutes. After the first material is taken out, lime and water are added according to the proportion, and the material is continuously immersed. Thus, the amount of 1000 kg or more per day can be soaked. The immersed straw was stacked together, covered and drained for 1 day, and then fermented. First, a 20-cm-high platform was built on the site with bricks and stones, and then wooden strips were laid on the platform. The width was about 1 meter. The length was determined by the number of raw materials. The stacks should be the same size from top to bottom. And insulation. Generally, it is fermented for 5 to 7 days, and the cultivation can be carried out when the straw is covered with a snowflake-like substance through the film.
2. Strains should be selected for high-yield, anti-reverse, wide-temperature strains.
3. The Jianye Mushroom Site should be located close to the water source and surrounded by no circle. In summer, the width of the cultivation pot shall not exceed 60 cm, and the length may be set according to the site. Leave a 30- to 40-cm walkway between the cultivating hoe and the cultivating rake (a drain can be used during the rainy season). At the time of establishment, dig clay in both sides of the land to make it a beak. The height of the earthworm is generally 20 centimeters. After the building is completed, the mixture must be sprayed with 5% phoxim plus 0.2% potassium permanganate. Dissolve the fermented straw or wheat straw and spread it along the mash. Each layer is about 6 cm thick. Sprinkle a layer of broccoli-sized cultivar after spreading, then spread the second layer and spread the second layer of bacteria. Spread the material as far as possible to shake loose, so that the spread of bacteria into the straw seam. The total amount of strains used is about 20% of the dry weight of the culture materials. When sowing, it is necessary to grasp the principle that the uppermost layer is used more than the lower layer and the middle layer, and the amount of species used is slightly more than that in the middle. After the seeding is complete, cover the membrane and sprinkle some dirt on the membrane. Then use bamboo chopsticks to drill a hole every 10cm and then cover it with 10cm.
4. Mushroom management If the surface temperature is higher than 26 degrees Celsius, it should be watered down in time. When the hyphae eats the permeate layer and the straw changes from yellow to yellowish white or white, the mushroom will soon grow. Uncover the film and cover 3 cm of moist soil on the surface of the material. Cover the soil and then cover the holed film. To control the temperature of the surface temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, in order to facilitate the formation of fruiting bodies. The cover soil can not be used for dry showers. When the soil is not kneaded, water should be poured. After budding, the film is removed from the material and the film is still covered with the original film. However, the four sides of the film cannot contact the crucible. A large gap should be left for ventilation. After the mushroom in the cold period, only the straw is covered on the surface so that the sunlight can be scattered to increase the surface temperature. When the temperature is high, cover the surface with a straw curtain to prevent solar ultraviolet rays from killing the body cells. When the cover diameter is as long as 2 to 3 cm, 3% potassium sulfate or potassium chloride can be sprayed to enhance the toughness of the mushroom cover and increase the yield.
After the first tidal mushroom is harvested, it eliminates the sundries and dead mushrooms, and sprays the nutrient solution once (the formula of the nutrient solution is: 1 kilogram of white sugar, 2 kilograms of compound fertilizer, proper amount of monosodium glutamate, and 100 kilograms of water). This management can harvest more than 5 tides.

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