The prevention and treatment of the amount of natural foot scab

[Symptoms] Mainly affect the stem section. There were scattered brown or brownish dots scattered on the stem sections, and the small tissues around the small spots were subsided. The amorphous spots appeared irregular spots, and the transverse diameters of the spots ranged from a few millimeters to more than 10 millimeters. Corked sores. This small dot is actually a young fruiting body of the germ.
[Pathogen and Pathogenesis] The pathogen is Stevensea wrightii of the Ascomycete subdivision. The pathogenic bacteria live for the winter in the diseased part or with the diseased body in the soil, and incipient and re-invasive with ascospores. The spores are transmitted through air currents or rain splashes or small insect activities, and invade from the stomata or epidermis. Rainy or humid weather and phytosanitary conditions are conducive to disease.
[Control methods]
(1) The early onset of individual scab lesions can be excavated with a sharp knife, collected and burned, and the disease department is immediately coated with a paste to sterilize and control the disease (in addition to the use of copper oxychloride with reference to soft rot disease or can be killed or Bordeaux pulp , can also be used 40% triadimefon carbendazim or 45% triazolonone thiram 50-100 times liquid).
(2) Conduct spraying or comprehensive treatment on the onset center and nearby plants (spray concentration 600-1000 times, 2-3 times or more, every 7-15 days, before close-in, alternately Spray evenly.
(3) Use disease-free stem segments as propagation material. Frequently-occurred areas or seriously ill, pre-planted stems for disinfection (40% triadimefon carbendazim wet powder 1000 times soaked stems 20-30 minutes, or through stems, add a film seal, h stuffy 24 Let dry after hours.

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