Lubian wine processing technology

Lubian liquor is prepared with Chinese herbal medicines such as Epimedium, hippocampus and Chinese wolfberry as the main raw materials of Lubian, dog kidney, donkey kidney and pure grain spirits. The treatment of deer whip, dog kidney, donkey kidney extract, etc., converts large-molecule proteins into small molecule polypeptides that can be absorbed by the human body; Chinese herbal medicines are extracted by ultrasonic and low-temperature sedimentation methods make the finished wines clear, transparent and shiny. Brown red, pure and soft taste.
Lubian wine is based on "nourishment and strengthening and strengthening the body." This wine has the biological effect of improving sexual function. It is a kind of nutrition and health wine and has a good prospect of development and application.
Formula 1 Lubian 150g, dog kidney 300g, donkey kidney 200g, fleece-flower root 1600g, astragalus 5000g, rehmanniae 1500g, safflower 500g, Hailong 125g, Epimedium 7500g, Acanthopanax 5000g, Shayuanzi 1000g, psoralen (salt 1,000 g, 1250 g of Schisandra, 5500 g of Cuscuta, 3750 g of gardenia, 1500 g of psyllium, 1000 g of raspberry, and 200 kg of white wine.
2 Process deer whip, dog kidney and Chinese herbal medicines → scrubbing → slicing → extraction → separation, combined filtrates → deployment → inspection qualified → aging → inspection qualified → packaging → finished product storage.
3 Technical points Lubian, dog kidney and Chinese herbal medicines are washed and sliced. After 5 times of 70 ethanol (V/V), they are continuously extracted and refluxed twice for 5 hours. The supernatant is filtered and the clear liquid is added. 750g, fully stirred, boil for 30 minutes, stand still for 24 hours, filter, recover the ethanol in the filtrate, then add 50kg of 200kg of liquor in the filtrate, adjust to 35 with clean water, aging for more than 6 months after passing the inspection, wait until rice After Rad's reaction is over, it can be filtered after passing the inspection.
4 Product Quality Requirements
4.1 The color of the sensory quality is brownish-red. It has the unique aroma of Chinese herbal medicines. It is slightly sweet and bitter. The taste is pure and soft. It has the unique taste of Luhui vine, which is clarified and bright.
4.2 Physical and Chemical Index Alcoholicity (20°C) 351% (V/V), Total Acid ≤ 2.0g/L, Total Lipid ≥ 0.6g/L, Methanol ≤ 0.4g/L, Fusel Oil ≤ 2.0g/L, Lead ≤1.0mg/L.
4.3 microbiological indicators total number of bacteria ≤ 50 / mL, coliform bacteria ≤ 3 / 100mL, pathogenic bacteria should not be detected.
Author: Institute of Special Products, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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