Grab winter pests

Winter is the weakest period of various diseases and insect pests. If we seize this period of prevention and control, we can reduce the base number of overwintering so as to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases in the following year.

During the winter, Swarovski and Sanhua had entered the earthworms. The stem borers of the crop, such as corn, and grass weeds in the winter, such as the rice stem borer, Dagu, and Taiwan. Indica rice worms use adult or larvae to spend winters in rakes or fieldside weeds and soil crevices. Ye Hao hid in the weeds sheltering from the sun. Wheat aphid winters in the wheat rhizosphere soil. The mature larvae of corn borers mainly live in corn stalks during winter. The bollworm is wintering in the soil of a cotton field. Cotton red spiders clustered in the weed roots, soil gaps, and litters in sunny areas. Cotton pink bollworms are placed in the gaps between the old and mature larvae. The pupal is attached to the fence's stake in the form of eggs for the winter. Fruit pears, gold-patterned moths, pattern moths, weevil bugs, floating dusters, two-leaf lees, citrus jewels, etc., are generally lurking in deciduous or stagnant fruits for the winter. Rice blast, leaf spot of flax, bacterial leaf blight of rice, etc., overwintering on seeds or rice straw. Rhizoctonia solani and sheath blight both use sclerotia for wintering on the ground. Locate the wintering point and take the following preventive measures:

A deep thawing and destroying roots and stubbles should be ploughed for the winter. The higher land plots must be fielded in Litian to accelerate the death of pests. The low-lying pits must be extirpated in the orchard to improve soil permeability, facilitate the growth of roots, damage the habitat of overwintering pests in the soil, and turn soil 20-30 centimeters to mechanically kill pests and freeze them. Dead insects.

Second, remove debris from farmland orchards in time to dispose of straw scattered in paddy fields, residual crops from other fields, deep plowing, removing cotton, and removing stubble. The orchard's fallen leaves and cut-off pests and branches are burned or buried deeply to reduce the density of insects and the source of infection.

Three scraping skin pest control sticks to scrape off the rough skin, lesions brushing white agent in a timely manner, can prevent pests and diseases, but also prevent freezing injury. The formula for the whitening agent is: 10 parts of lime, 1-2 parts of salt and 35-40 parts of water. First use a small amount of water to turn the ash into a paste, put the salt into it, and then add enough water according to the formula to mix well.

4. Elimination of Insect Pests in Warehouses Stores used for storage of cotton should be sprayed, fumigated, eliminated and overwintered with cotton bollworms, and reduced the number of insect populations in the coming year. (Hubei Dangyang Agricultural 110 Service Center)

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