Methods and techniques for using grass to raise geese

Geese are resistant to rough-feeding herbivorous poultry. It has strong foraging ability and high digestibility. It can make full use of weeds, straw, leftover wheat ear, and even deep-buried grass roots, tubers, etc., with low feeding and low cost.
The need for green fodder for 1-3 weeks old geese gradually increases from 10% of the diet to 90%, and can reach 100% at 4 weeks of age. The absorption rate of crude protein and crude fiber in geese is similar to that of goats, and it is a poultry with a wide range of ingestion. Under well-fed conditions, the weight of the geese will increase by 1 time every 6-8 days and goose geese will be available for 80 days. Including the concentrates used during the initial period of breeding and pre-marketing, the ratio of green fodder to concentrate is 9:1, and the total consumption of fodder for each goose is 100 to 150 kg. According to calculations, the economic benefits of growing grasses and geese are 10 times that of pigs, and the slaughter time is only one-third of that of pigs.
Geese can be kept throughout the year. Relative to gramineous pastures, geese prefer to eat legume grass and juicy agronomy herbage. Grass grazing geese should consider the combination of different families of herbage as much as possible in order to facilitate nutrient balance. Four seasons of geese can arrange a certain area of ​​perennial forage, such as clover, pine cone herb, tall fescue and so on. In winter, geese can be sown in early autumn to grow pastures, such as grasses, winter grazing 70 rye, multi-flowered ryegrass, leguminous scorpions, milk vetch, alfalfa, and carrots. Due to the slow growth of plants in winter, it is often necessary to add silage. In spring, the pasture is abundant. The above-mentioned annual pastures can be divided into 60% for grasses and 40% for legumes. They are mixed and planted in late autumn with 50 to 60 geese per mu. The ideal fodder for feeding the geese in the high temperature season in summer is, under higher management conditions, the amount of geese per mu is comparable to that of spring. In addition to using perennial pasture, autumn geese can also be supplemented with vegetables such as pumpkins and zucchini. In addition, the remaining grain and sweet potatoes after rice harvest are good feed for geese to make fat.

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