Planning of pollution-free fish farms

Fisheries specializing in the production of pollution-free commercial fish are generally divided into two types of fisheries: One is the fingerling pool, which mainly cultivates large-size fingerlings for use in fish farming in this field. Fisheries’ own production of pollution-free fish can be pollution-free for breeding. Commercial fish laid a good foundation. The pollution-free fish species cultivated in this field are sterile and disease-free and have strong disease resistance. The production of pollution-free fish is fast, the feed coefficient is low, and its area can account for more than 80% of the total water area of ​​the site. The pond size, fish ponds for commercial fish farms are 3-5 acres, and the adult fish ponds are 5-10 acres. . The ratio of water area to land area is 7:3, which can save a lot of production costs. The other type is a commercial fish pond, where 30% of the land area can grow green feed for fish and reduce feed costs. The affiliated facilities of the commercial fish farm are almost the same as the fish farms.

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