Fish species intensify cultivation and management in autumn

The change in temperature of autumn water is between 20-30°C, which is a good time for fish growth. Especially for fish species with smaller specifications and poor health, it is during the fattening season that farmers must effectively strengthen the cultivation of fingerlings.
1. Disinfect the clear pond and transfer it to the new pool: The old fish ponds for raising fish species will gradually age after aging in the spring and summer months. The dissolved oxygen and food organisms will be reduced, and the number of pathogenic microorganisms will increase, which will cause the growth of the fish species to stagnate. Grass carp species are more susceptible to disease in such old pools. At this point, the fish should be transferred to a new pond and intensified. In places where water is lacking, the water in the original fish pond can be used, and several times of nets can be added. After all the fish species are transferred out, they should be disinfected with 30-40 kg of quick lime per mu.
2. The size of the classification, a reasonable mix: different specifications of the fish species, to pool stocking, different varieties should be a reasonable match. For example, the grass carp and carp species can be used together with 30% grass carp; grass carp species can be used, and can be used with 30% carp and carp species. The proportion of eel and eel is 5 to 1. It is advisable if the eel species is small and the proportion can be reduced. For ponds that cultivate three species of fish, the stocking density should not be too large. Generally, a pond with a water depth of about 1.5 meters is suitable for releasing 3000-5000 acre.
3. Intensify feeding and rational fertilization: In order to cultivate fish ponds mainly composed of squid and squid, fertilization should be done to ensure the appropriate fertilizer for water, and appropriate feeds should be given. Every 2-3 days can be applied once a person or animal manure or chemical fertilizer, each wet and dry about 50 kilograms of manure, fertilizer according to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium 1? 1? 0.5 ratio, a total of 5-8 kilograms per acre, soluble in water After the uniform splash. Concentrates are fed at around 9:00 am and around 16 pm every day. Each thousand fish is fed with 0.25-0.5 kg of wheat bran, rice bran, and bean cake. In order to cultivate grass carp-dominated fish ponds, it is necessary to strengthen feeding and first feed green feed such as duckweed, water grass, dry grass or grass pulp, and then feed concentrate feed to avoid grass carp and squid and squid rushing to eat concentrated feed.
4. Scientific management and prevention of fish diseases: Stick to the ponds every day to observe the eating and activities of the fish. Pay attention to changes in water quality and change new water frequently. Generally, change the water once a week and change the water every time by 10-15 centimeters. In order to cultivate grass carp-based fish ponds, we must also keep the water fresh, remove residual food baits in time, wash dishes frequently, sterilize food tables every two weeks or so, and regularly use bleach, copper sulphate and other drugs around the food market. Hanging bags and bags to prevent fish diseases. Fish diseases and dead fish were found to be promptly removed for inspection and treated with drugs.

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